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Understanding Our Algorithm

How does Mavuus recommend talent and jobs?

The system leverages a comprehensive algorithm that uses personal recommendations when displaying potential talent and jobs. For example, if Marketer A (who is connected with Marketers B & C) is looking for a Graphic Designer, it will display all graphic designers recommended by Marketers B and C before displaying any other talent.

And vice versa: If Vendor A (who is connected to Marketers B & C) is looking for potential gigs, the system will display Job Postings from Marketer A to connect the two parties in need.

What can I do to be recommended by Mavuus to more people?

Mavuus is all about personal recommendations. The more personal recommendations you have, the more people we'll recommend your profile to (more recommendations = bigger network). You can display up to three recommendations on your profile (as part of the Free Membership) and might decide to upgrade to Premium once you get more.

Remember, it's not just about 'displaying' the recommendations on your profile, it's also about expanding your reach of potential opportunities by having you show up in more search results based on those personal recommendations.