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Our marketers have worked at some of the biggest companies:

The Ultimate Collective of Marketing Leaders

Gayle Kosokowsky
B2B Sales and Marketing Expert
Cameron Micules
Multi-faceted marketing strategist
Sandy Chambers
Marketing Consultant
Martin Pietrzak
CEO at Pinch Marketing
Kristina Clearly
Founder & Chief Leadership Coach
Michael Robinson
Growth Marketer and Executive
Leah Andrew
Strategy, Marketing &
Jared Blank
author of the Gobbledy
Karen Unrad Rosenblum
Fractional CMO
Vinay Nair
Certified Executive Coach (CEC)

80% of CEOs don’t trust or are unimpressed with their CMOs

Coupled with the fact that the average tenure of a CMO at a technology company is under 2.5 years (6 to 18 months in Silicon Valley), things are not looking too promising for the B2B marketing leaders out there.

So where is the gap?

How do you land that dream job and actually get to keep it? These are the exact types of conversation that we embrace in our group.

You know? The REAL problems that marketers face!!


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Join hundreds of other marketing leaders to:

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We are on a mission to help CMOs increase their C-suite impact.

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Looking for Fractional Work?

We Are Well-Connected and Will Introduce You to the Right People.

Fractional talent is on the rise and many organizations are looking to fill these marketing roles to help grow their companies. But where does one find a suitable Fractional Marketer for their business?

Existing freelance marketplaces might be ok for smaller jobs, but they are definitely not a place to find premium talent.

We have partnered with leading tech companies, accelerator programs as well as startups with substantial funding in order to pair them up with the right marketing candidates based on their specific needs.

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Sharpen Your Marketing Expertise with Mavuus Academy

Check out some of the exciting sessions in our library. Join the conversation.

Growing Your Business Through Referral Marketing

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CMO and CEO relationship: The 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Master Your Elevator Pitch in Just 30 Seconds

2024 Marketing Budget: Benchmarks, Efficiencies, Projections

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CMO Tell All: Best Campaign I've Ever Done - Strategy, Creative, Execution

Influencer Marketing in B2B: Ideal Candidates, Integrated Strategies and Measurable Results

Landing Your Next CMO Gig: Employer Expectations, Economic Realities, Win Strategies

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Stop SEARCHING and start MATCHING with Top Marketing Leaders

Our rich background history of 30+ years in marketing leadership has allowed us to build a large network of senior marketing executives from various backgrounds that can help elevate your business and take it to the next level.

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Marketing Leaders

Need help with day-to-day marketing execution? We got you.

Throughout our many years in the field, we’ve needed freelance designers, developers, copywriters, branding experts, and beyond. Many times, our vendors became unavailable, or our needs simply changed. It seemed like we were always searching.

But you don’t have to.

Find a Marketing Contractor Now

We have a vendor for any of your marketing needs:

Graphic designers
Web designers
Web developers
Content writers
Video editors
Social media managers

Joining Mavuus gives you the opportunity to expand your network further, and potentially find new work. And they don't pump out the typical, formulaic, templated content - it's real, it's vulnerable, it's relatable.

Cameron Micules, Fractional CMO at Niuz