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What Is Mavuus?

A new way to network

Wouldn't it be great if there was a platform that allowed marketers to share their favorite vendors with their peers and help them connect?

Well, now there is. Welcome to Mavuus - the only marketplace that connects marketers and vendors based on professional connections you know and trust.

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Our Advantages

Find your next connection based on powerful word-of-mouth recommendations

Peek into another marketer's black book of vendors
Peek into another marketer's black book of vendors

The best vendors are often unknown or kept close by those who use them. Mavuus lifts the veil and gives you access to other marketers' favorite contacts.

Recommendations from real people
Recommendations from real people

All recommendations on Mavuus are from real and relevant marketers. That means you can trust the reviews and even reach out to the person who gave the referral.

Best leads from word-of-mouth
Best leads from word-of-mouth

'Word-of-mouth' is ranked as the highest quality lead source by 100% of vendors. Mavuus amplifies the power of word-of-mouth and makes it more convenient to find your next connection.

Why Mavuus for Marketers

We connect trusted vendors and marketers like you.

Mavuus unlocks access to a group of vendors who are proven and vetted by marketers from your own trusted circle.
Quick Search for Recommended Service Providers

Get immediate access to a list of recommended and trusted vendors

Efficient Way to Outsource

Perfect place for agencies to build a virtual team of specialists

Easy Venue to Provide a Recommendation

Benefit your vendors by providing a recommendation or referring them to other marketers

Targeted to Marketing Needs

Cut through the noise and join a network that specializes exclusively in marketing needs

Why Mavuus for Service Providers

A job marketplace based on referrals and trust.

Vendors know that the best leads come from direct referrals. With Mavuus, you can leverage the power of your existing network to make new connections and find your next gig.
Immediate Opportunities

Get in front of marketers who have immediate needs

High-Quality Leads

Leverage existing relationships to find relevant leads

Go After New Business

Actively search for jobs that come from your network

Increase ROI on Your Promotion Strategy

Get a better return from your promotional efforts - the best leads come from referrals

How it works
How to Get the Most Out of Mavuus

Harness the power of the group.

Reach out and connect with other marketers solving similar challenges. Feel supported with the experience of the group.

1. It's all about recommendations

Mavuus' main goal is to provide you with a list of recommended, vetted providers that your peers have had success with. 

2. The more referrals, the bigger the network

Since our mission is to leverage people's personal connections, we ask for three recommendations upon registration.

3. Personal connections are everything

We don't decide whose ratings are worth more to you. Your network and relationships should be your guide. Keeping a close circle of people you actually know is most recommended.

4. Help peers with their project needs

See a fellow marketer looking for a freelancer? Why not recommend one that you've used in the past? Either find them on Mavuus or invite them to join.

5. Meet potential clients through your inner circle

Connect with clients (or invite them to join Mavuus) that you love working with and leverage your relationship to land more gigs.

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