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On a mission to help marketers and great vendors leverage the power of the group

Who We Are

Created from a spark of inspiration — and by two sisters who live and breathe the world of marketing every day.


Mavuus is created by two sisters who live and breathe a marketers’ life. We know the challenge of finding high-quality vendors firsthand. The struggle is real!


Throughout our 15+ years in the field, we’ve needed freelance designers, developers, copywriters, branding experts, and beyond. Many times, our vendors became unavailable, or our needs simply changed. It seemed like we were always searching.


Other marketplaces didn’t really work for us. Finding a great vendor on huge sites felt like uncovering a needle in a haystack. A provider may have 5-star ratings, but you don’t really know them. Personally, we’ve been burned by unreliable, unvetted, and incompetent providers. 


So, we went back to our roots: personal connections. We started asking peers to provide recommendations…and it worked. But repeatedly texting your friends or pinging LinkedIn isn’t sustainable. That’s when we had a spark of inspiration. We are both in the tech field, and the idea of digital innovation just made sense.


Wouldn’t it be great if there were an easy-to-use platform where marketing professionals and marketing vendors could connect based on personal recommendations?


That’s how Mavuus came to life. We’re on a mission to help marketers and great vendors leverage the power of the group.

The Origin of Mavuus

What Does the Name Mean?

Coming up with a new name for your own company is a dream job for any marketer. So of course we took our sweet time and embarked on an extensive branding exercise.


Do we want it to be descriptive of what we do? Do we want it to be catchy and recognizable? Do we want it to have explicit meaning? We filled our notebooks with brainstorming ideas.


Keywords like ‘network’, ‘professionals’, ‘connections’, and ‘exclusivity’ rose to the top - but none really resonated with the overriding value proposition of our platform: 


It connects marketing ‘MAVENS’ from our circles (that we know and trust) and gives ‘US’ the opportunity to share our most valuable service providers - the ones that really helped us succeed.




Let’s leverage the true power of our personal network through the marketing ‘MAVENS’ among ‘US’.