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Mavuus for Service Providers

I'm a service provider, how will Mavuus work for me?

Mavuus is an ideal place for marketing service providers to get more business and high-quality leads. Find your clients on Mavuus (or invite them to join), ask for a personal recommendation, and enjoy the benefits of getting personal referrals from other peer marketers. You can display up to three personal recommendations on your profile (as part of the Free Membership) and then easily upgrade to a Premium Membership if you'd like to display more. The more recommendations you display, the bigger exposure you get from all of your referrals.

Can I rate or give recommendations to a marketer client (that doesn't provide any services)?

Yes, you can. It's important to give recommendations to marketers, too. That helps vendors, like yourself, make an informed choice when deciding whether or not to accept the job.